We were first made aware of Sao Miguel by a guard at the Whaling Museum in New Bedford.The seaport has a large Portuguese population, many of whom relocated for the thriving fishing industry. Learning that it was a rather inexpensive direct 5 hour flight from Boston made it more appealing to us.

   It's a lush, beautiful island with green the predominant color. A bit of Ireland with a bit of Oregon and Washington combined. Outstanding features include hydrangea hedgerows ,  centuries old black volcanic balsalt field walls, and an abundance of rainbows. And volcanoes.

    It is the only country in Europe which grows tea and pineapples.

    You may be able to tell from the pictures that our hotel was an Art Deco gem refurbished in that style. It was situated in botanical gardens which contained sulpher water baths ( brown) for the guests. The dining room and bar were quite good too.
  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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